Clemens Kahmann Foundation in Nigeria

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May 17, 2019
Clemens Kahmann Foundation Thailand
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May 21, 2019
clemens kahmann foundation in nigeria

clemens kahmann foundation in nigeria

Clemens Kahmann Foundation in Nigeria

The beginning of this project started in Bangkok when Clemens Kahmann met Father George, a Redemptorist priest from Nigeria. After 5 years working in Bangkok, Father George went back to Nigeria. The reason being that he wanted support the people in need and they are in need in Nigeria. Because of the spiritual connection between Father George and Clemens Kahmann they keep in touch since this moment.


The Clemens Kahmann foundation were shocked about the data

In 2010 around 10 million people were undernourished in Nigeria and this number has increased in 2012 to almost 13 million and is still growing. Can you imagine Clemens Kahmann said, the population in the Netherlands was in 2012 16,7 million. This means that an entire country (similar in size to the Netherlands) is undernourished. Also, situation is not well known by many people. The reason being that it is underexposed, is because of the situation with the terrorist organisation known as Boko Haram. All the news information what will enter our houses from Nigeria is when something terrible happened in Nigeria. You remember maybe the 276 school girls who were kidnapped in 2014 and most of them disappeared for 5 years. Some went back to their families, most pregnant and as Muslims.

Clemens Kahmann Foundation start a small project

In 2016 the Clemens Kahmann foundation started a small project with father George. It was in line with what the foundation did already, a small fish farm. We call projects like this in the Netherlands “de Novib gedachte”. Instead of buying food for them, give them an option to make their own food.They started with 3 ponds the Clemens Kahmann foundation took care for the ponds and the structure, the foundation bought the first small fishes and all materials what is necessary for the fishfarm. Locals fed the fishes with vegetables what they could find around. Because of this it took longer for the fish to grow, around 5-6 months, while the commercial fish food let the fish grow up to 1 kg each fish within 3 months. Anyway this way it makes it much cheaper and it is one of the examples how you can help the people with a small investment.

clemens kahmann foundation on boat
clemens kahmann foundation on boat

Other projects in Nigeria

At this moment Clemens Kahmann and Father George are preparing another project in Nigeria. Father George changed the area where he worked as a Priest, so maybe first of all they can start the same project in this new area. We will inform you about other new projects.

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