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May 21, 2019
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Clemens K. Foundation road

Clemens K. Foundation road

Clemens K. Foundation believed on Mother Theresa’s quote in the Act of Mercy.  They proposed a project to visit the medium security compound in a remote Island of Puerto Princesa, Philippines. There’s a place called IWAHIG. Clemens Kahmann Foundation found this conventional prison. The accustomed vast prison lies three categorical departments of prison. According to the records, therefore the department is in need most.

Basic necessity extended by Clemens K. Foundation

The staff of Clemens Kahmann Foundation was encouraged to join with their families in this project. They arranged a small program and prepared some basic necessities that are not easy to provide inside the prison, according to the Chief Superintendent.

  It was full of mixed emotions for the visitors to see the place and the prisoners. Because they were touched on how they reacted towards the presents they received. Each of them started to talk and share their stories. Some are unfortunate to be there and some are getting over with the punishment. Some are not seeing their families since they were convicted.

Clemens K. Foundation interest in prisoner’s livelihood program

Clemens K. foundation
Clemens K. foundation

One of the staff’s of Clemens Kahmann foundation interviewed people in the half-free section. ‘Why do you stay here instead of moving in the half-prison in Manila? A young guy yet appeared older from life struggles who turns out more personable than the rest uttered. This is a paradise for me. Therefore I am afraid in the city that I cannot find a way for a living,’ 

Clemens Kahmann Foundation, therefore, falls the interest in their livelihood in prison, and they craft and cultivate things to sell it to earn money for their needs. 

Mission fulfilled by Clemens K. Foundation

This mission that Clemens K. Foundation initiated was felt among the people. An indescribable feeling was ingulfing each other. Nobody expected what could happen before it took place. Mostly thought awkward and risky, but everything went well automatically. Everybody extended heartfelt intentions and sympathy. Indeed, ‘If you judge people, you have no time to love them.’ 

Once again, because of of the Clemens Kahmann foundation has proven consequently the possibilities of extending charity to the poor.

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