Clemens Kahmann Foundation offers ESL project for kids

clemens kahmann foundation in nigeria
Clemens Kahmann Foundation in Nigeria
May 19, 2019
Clemens K. Foundation road
Clemens K. Foundation’s Act of Mercy
May 21, 2019
Clemens Kahmann Foundation Thailand

Clemens Kahmann Foundation Thailand

Clemens Kahmann Foundation offers ESL project for kids

Thailand is one of the competent countries in the Asia with regards to economics, culture, tradition and education. One of the tourist places where foreigns like to visit. Thai nationals are looking forward to be competent in English proficiency. Clemens Kahmann Foundation caught the interest to offer an ESL(English as Second Language) project for young learners.

Volunteer teachers for Clemens Kahmann foundation

I accidentally encountered some of the volunteers of Clemens Kahmann Foundation. While I was inquiring about the program in a cute colourful fascinating Kindergarten School along the main road area. They are patiently sitting with the children inside the classroom, singing  fun songs, playing while learning together with the kids.

Clemens Kahmann Foundatoin Transportation Thailand
Clemens Kahmann Foundatoin Transportation Thailand

ESL program made by Clemens Kahmann Foundation

Clemens Kahmann Foundation is working on the ESL program production. The staffs were amazing, they spoke to me briefly while having a short break. They educate children because they are adaptable and learning quick through a teaching strategy using the target language.

Clemens K. appeared to be kind and approachable, the volunteers of the Clemens Kahmann foundation deal with the kids in a natural way. The children can establish and gain rapport with them. This plays a significant role as an educator inside the classroom. Clemens Kahmann said a self-driven character should be in this profession.

Clemens Kahmann focused on where the educators can explicitly express theirwillingness  to nurture  and enhance the kids in a target subject. For these certain ages using strategic scheme and the natural way. It is a student-centred based, specially in facilitating children’s learning of a foreign language.

​“You have to have a Heart is the key for this job role” because everybody can be called a teacher, however, it is not easy to be a teacher by itself. Without a ‘Heart’ learning is impossible. Clemens Kahmann Foundation quoted.

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